What is Democracy on the Move?

Democracy on the Move dedicated to making a more perfect union. It features the people and organizations building a better democracy. On our podcast, we interview people who take action and get their perspectives. Let us know if you would like to schedule an interview or suggest an interview.

But Why? Is Our Democracy at Risk?

In the words of Robert La Follette, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin (1906 - 1925):

Mere passive citizenship is not enough. Men must be aggressive for what is right if government is to be saved from those who are aggressive for what is wrong. The nation has awakened somewhat slowly to a realization of its peril, but it has responded with gathering momentum. The Progressive movement now has the support of all the moral forces that the solution of a great problem can command. The outlook is hopeful. There is no room for pessimism.

La Follette's words have found their way into our tag line: Passive Citizenship is not Enough.

Democracy on the Move is a tribute to all those people and organizations that understand we must not be passive and simply expect the fruits of freedom to appear on our doorstep. Freedom is not free, but it doesn’t have to be a burden either. We hope to inspire you to help deliver the promise of freedom for ourselves and the next generation.

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