Producer - Dan Schaefer

Though Dan has been an electrical engineer his whole life, he's done many things besides engineering, such as technical trainer, sales and marketing. In college he produced a morning variety talk show and spun records as an FM DJ. He's always loved working in audio, and over the years, he's filled in as an audio engineer for a local church and worked with a number of talented musicians. Dan produces the podcast for the Alliance Party and has interviewed many influential people in politics, including Ralph Nader, David Daley, Katherine Gehl, Lee Drutman and Theresa Amato. 

Dan believes that democracy is not a given. It must be earned every day. It is nourished by participation, and it dies in darkness. Democracy on the Move represents Dan's attempt to keep democracy awake, alive and forever marching toward a more perfect union for all humanity.


Marketing Coordinator - Ellen Koster

Ellen was born and raised in the Netherlands, and she now resides in the United States; her past experiences in the Netherlands has given her unique insight into its political structure and how it differs from the United States.​

Ellen's parents lived under German occupation during the war, and her father participated in a number of underground activities. They both instilled in Ellen a sense of what it means to lose freedom. Like most people who suffered under occupation during the war, the Dutch are especially sensitive to the idea of extreme nationalism and what it can do to a society. To that end, Ellen is very much interested in fighting any tendency toward authoritarianism, because she knows how easily it can creep up and overtake freedom.

Ellen believes that democracy is not something that should be taken for granted. It must be nourished and defended, and every person must be diligent to ensure that our country does not divide itself; rather, it continues on the often difficult - but necessary - path toward freedom in pursuit of a more perfect union.